Saturday, November 05, 2005


Today I spent the day working in the rain and wind moving manure around. Humbling, but you have to pay the bills somehow.

So this is why I love the Netflix... A couple weeks ago I got an email survey from them and for some reason I filled it out and sent it back. All very positive, I've had no complaints. Then they asked me to take part in a focus group. By participating I'd get 6 months of free Netflix, and it would only take half an hour. I jumped on that one. Now I'm gold for half a year. Next thing was to go to an interview to be in a commercial, which I did today. I don't even know if it pays anything, but it sounds like fun. And I'm guessing this is how I get discovered, and become America's next top (male) supermodel :)

If you don't already have Netflix, by all means look into it. And if you choose to sign up for it, say I sent you. I think I get a free month or something.

I'll let you know if I end up being famous...

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Amy said...

so... did you get the commercial??