Wednesday, July 02, 2008

It's my birthday!

Saturday is my birthday, as you may or may not know. I've been too busy/lazy to plan a party or anything so I'm inviting anyone interested to join me for part (or all) of the day.

I wasn't sure how to best do this. A lot of people I know now aren't in my email address book and this would be too long to text so this is my solution -- here are the rough plans for the day:

Breakfast/brunch around 10:30 or so at the Cup & Saucer on Killingsworth & 30th (Bloody Marys!)

Sun and beverages (BYOB) at Sauvie's Island from 1 PM or so to 5 or 6, assuming the weather is decent

*nap time* (most likely on my own)

Scandals around 9

Boxxes/Red Cap around 10

Silverado around 11

Eagle around 11:30 or so and there I'll probably remain until I pour myself into a cab for home.

If you want to come to any part of this, let me know via your preferred communication method (email, text, phone, chat). I'll have my phone all day but who knows what reception I'll get at various places.


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