Monday, January 30, 2006

Now I feel a little better

So after my last post I checked on Amy and Daniel's blogs (they inspired me to start mine) and they last posted in November and October respectively. So I'm not the worst blogger ever :)

And... my boy JT has a couple movies in the works. One is Alpha Dog (coming out Feb 24) and the other is Edison (coming out sometime later?). They've both been talked about forever so I'm excited to see if he can act. Of course, if he can't, that won't stop me from seeing the films.

Speaking of movies, I've seen Capote, Walk the Line, and Brokeback Mountain in the last month and they're all good. I think Phillip Seymour Hoffman should undoubtedly win the best actor Oscar but I liked Brokeback Mountain better overall so that's my vote for best picture. I think I'm gonna go with Reese for best actress. I thought she was amazing and I kept forgetting it was her as I watched the movie. We also finally saw March of the Penguins and it was almost unbearably cute but I loved it.

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