Monday, January 30, 2006

Good god, does anyone still check in?

I know I've been the most horrible blogger ever.... I've been busy with a variety of things and beaten down by the winter blahs. For those of you not in Portland, I think it has rained on 39 of the last 42 days. Absolutely miserable.

Matthew is in Nebraska; his grandfather died this week and he flew back Saturday and will be back tomorrow. It's so weird to not have him around -- the house seems very empty somehow. I'll be happy to pick him up tomorrow night.

I finally got my new street trees Saturday, and they're much bigger than I had hoped for. Quick summary... The trees we had were not only ugly but also not functioning as street trees should; i.e. shading the street and catching and/or filtering rainwater. Here they are....

And the new trees:

I know they're kinda hard to see in the photo but they're about 12' tall Katsura trees. No one knows what they are, so here's a link about the trees. The reason they're my favorite tree is because in autumn just as the leaves are falling they smell like burnt sugar or cotton candy.

Okay, I know the cute boys are the draw for a good portion of you and I have a good one this time. It's Jeremy Bloom. He's an Olympic mogul skier slash college football player slash model.... His website is here.... And here's why you should be interested :)

That's about what I have for now. Looking forward to seeing what the jackass has to say in his State of the Union speech tomorrow, which I'm taping cuz I have to go get Matthew at 7 pm. (I just assume everything I do is being monitored at this point so I'm not scared anymore :))

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Hey was just rolling thru wanted to let ya know ya got a cool blog here Nice Job.