Thursday, September 27, 2007

Some good news for a change

First, an update... I'm staying in the house with my brother Ken. Matthew isn't living here but his things still are for the time being. Things have settled down and everyone seems to be less stressed out.

So I've been shopping like a crazy person to replace everything I'll need when Matthew's things move out. I bought a microwave, bookshelf, sheets, comforter, mattress for Ken, sheets for Ken... I've been all over craigslist and found a couch (actually more a love seat due to space constraints in the living room) I really like. It's from Ikea and it's leather and was only $200. It fits perfectly.

The guy we got the couch from was also selling a dining room table and chairs which I didn't really like and don't have room for yet anyway so I turned that down. Then he said he had a bed he was trying to give away (!!!) and it turned out to be full size to match Ken's new mattress. However, this bed came with a mattress too. Mind you, I had just bought the new mattress two days before. I said "maybe I can take it back" and took the bed along with the mattress. Not really my style but what the's free.
It actually looks pretty good in Ken's room (this is not Ken's room -- these are the posting pictures). And the mattress is better than the one I bought. It's actually better than the one I sleep on. Turns out I can't return the mattress for cash, just store credit. I think I'm going to put it on craigslist and see how much I can get out of it. So I told this guy I really appreciated him giving me the bed and that I was trying to furnish half a house after a "divorce". Then he asks if I need a TV... So he gives us a TV too. It's old but it works just fine. I really need to do something nice for this guy. He obviously wasn't hurting for money (he had the biggest LCD TV in his living room I think I have ever seen) and this was just stuff he didn't want anymore (turns out he was going through his own "divorce") but he didn't have to just give us stuff. I hope he knows he really helped us out and he restored some of my faith in the basic goodness of people. I'm going to let him know...

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Amy said...

Nice couch and I really like the bed too.