Monday, September 17, 2007

Wrestling a pit bull and other fun things

I suppose I should take some time to thank everyone for their offers to talk and to help in any way they can during this time. I really do appreciate it. That said, I'm so so so sick of talking about it and I hope I never have to say the phrase "inappropriate text message" again. I have good days and bad days -- and I know I'm lucky to have the good ones. If nothing else it has been amazing to hear from so many people from so many parts of my life who care about me. I'll be fine :)

So here's what I've been up to lately. My friends Annie and Zarah were out of town for a wedding this weekend so I was pet-sitting for them. They have a dog, Malakai who is apparently a mix of pit bull and Australian shepherd. He's adorable.

He's also a bit high-strung to say the least and I had never met him before I came over to get the scoop on the pet-sitting. He gave me a bloody lip with his nose the first time I met him just because he was excited to see me (still a litlle swollen). I was worried he'd not remember me and not be pleased to have a stranger in his house. Turns out that was a non-issue. Once I figured out the gentle leader thing we had a couple very nice walks and he's now one of my good dog friends. However, he's VERY VERY VERY strong and can knock me down without even thinking about it. Fortunately I don't think he knows his own strength. Otherwise he may have just taken me out for a rawhide chew.

Turns out the problem child in this particular situation was a cat named Savage. If I didn't have a dog named Diablo who turned out to be somewhat devilish I would question the name, but I'm comfortable here in my glass house. The first time I came over he was crying (I thought) and wanting some attention so I was petting him when he clawed my arm and drew a little blood. The rest of that particular visit was spent trying to keep him from attacking my legs and marveling at all the yowling and hissing that was going on.

I showed up for my second visit armed with a squirt bottle to keep the evil one at bay, but suddenly we were friends. No further problems with the savage Savage.

Finally, I had my first volleyball tournament this weekend. I'm still exhausted and sore but I had a good time and the people on my team have assured me repeatedly that I wasn't all that terrible. I'm sure at some point I'll be at least good enough to not feel the need to apologize for being on a team with someone. Especially certain very competitive someones :)

After volleyball I had a disco nap and then went out to the gay bars with Daniel (my last ex) who was visiting from NYC. No photos... It was a good reminder of why I never go out anymore. I was very tired of being elbowed and stepped on by the time I headed for home.

I guess that's all I have for now. So much for catching up on my sleep tonight.

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