Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Mini-road trip...

Today I went to go take a couple photos of a house for work (the office job). Not sure I've even mentioned that on here really. I'll have to check. Anyway, I went out to Ridgefield, WA which is pretty much out in the country as far as I'm concerned. My opinion is supported by the following things I saw on my way:

I believe this to be a llama (or possibly an alpaca)

And this I think is a donkey

I saw cows too but the pictures were all blurry because I was moving.

I was trying to take a driving picture that showed my shaved head but none of them really turned out. (Yes, I shaved my hair to 1/8 inch.) I like this one's mysterious and atmospheric :)

I need to take a photo of the head so I can see what people think. It's generally not very popular but it feels good to cut it off. A fresh start if you will. And I like rubbing it.

I also legitimately made dinner tonight for the first time in a month. It felt good. And tasted good. It also felt good not to do it for a month. I needed the break.

Amy and Ron have baby news for those of you following that. Check Amy's blog if you're one of them.

I think I've lost 10 lbs in the last month -- essentially all the weight I gained in the month before that. I'm working on making sure I eat enough. And the not smoking isn't going so well. Trying again tomorrow.

On a lighter note, I'm all into watching America's Next Top Model this season because one of the girls has Asperger's syndrome. And she's gorgeous. Totally rooting for her.

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