Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Wag more, bark less

I keep seeing these bumper stickers around town that say "Wag more, bark less". I always kind of wondered what the story was and they seem to be becoming more and more common all the time. (Not sure if that's the case in other parts of the country but I'm curious to know...) Since I've been pretty introspective lately -- really looking at everything in my life --the other day I saw one and it really made an impression on me. I had already realized that I had become very serious and a bit angry about various things in the last couple/few years. In particular a client sent me an email about her daughter and it ended with "You must meet her. Robin lives to laugh.". I thought, what a great thing, to live to laugh. And I used to laugh a lot more. I know I'll never be one of those people who's ALWAYS happy. They make me nervous. You have to feel your feelings, even the bad ones. A little barking is necessary. So long story short, I really like the idea of wagging more and barking less. I ordered some stickers and will put one on my truck if it ever stops raining. I may even take off one of the angry ones. (I may not :)) You can get your own here: http://www.agathaandlouise.com/servlet/the-Wag-More-Bark-Less/Categories Or I have a few extras if you're local.

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