Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Blah Part II?

Hmmm... Still no truck. Three weeks and three days at this point.

Today I was working at Bobby's house (Lottie's dad) and I've seen this or a similar frog there but I'm just enthralled.... So cute, and not shy at all. I had to get my crappy camera pretty close to get this shot. He's sitting on a canna leaf by the fountain.
Let's see... I went to a 4-year old's birthday party over the weekend (Sunday). It was for my friend Jen's niece's (Tabi's) birthday. I got to be the pinata holder.

That's Tabi swinging at the pinata (and me). Fortunately I sustained no injuries from children wielding sticks.

Lastly, and I promise to move this elsewhere, here's this hibiscus I bought from Fred Meyer last year. It promised to be hardy, I had my doubts. The ones I took to a client's house didn't make it through the winter in a pot, but mine did. I moved it, stuck it in the ground here, and voila! Giant tropical flowers that are hardy in Portland... They're like 7" across.

And yet, they somehow look small. *sigh* More later I suppose.

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