Friday, August 19, 2005


So I'm kinda cranky and I have nothing interesting to report from the last couple days. My quote unquote mechanic was supposed to be over yesterday or today to put my engine in my truck, and, of course, no sign of him, no phone call. I've been driving Matthew to work and then working as much as I can while he's at work. Yesterday it took two hours to get home from where I was working all told. We're working on three weeks without my vehicle that makes me money. I'm happy. OH SO HAPPY. I wish there was some way to express sarcasm and bitterness in a font. Anyway, when I need cheering up, I often turn to JT. For those uninitiated in my obsession, that'd be Justin Timberlake.

*sigh* See, don't you feel better now? I do :)

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