Monday, August 29, 2005

When it rains it pours

Ooooohhhh... It's not been a good last few days. My truck is STILL not fixed (waiting for parts and waiting for Ryan to show up again) . Ryan did show up Sunday for a while and he PROMISES I'll be driving Wednesday. Uh huh.

Friday the TV died. Wouldn't normally be a big issue but I'm not feeling like I have a lot of discretionary income for things like televisions these days. For the time being we're using Lottie's TV that was being stored here anyway.

Yesterday (Monday) I came down to the basement and noticed it was raining. In the basement. Not so good. We knew the caulk around the bathtub needed to be replaced, but apparently it needed to be replaced NOW. That's what I did today. Turns out it's (doing my imitation of Geo. W) "Hard Work". Mostly getting the old caulk out was a problem and then my new caulk job was not so attractive. Just so long as it's functional...

We had this amazing thunderstorm this afternoon -- pouring down rain, thunder rattling the dishes in the cupboards -- very rare in Portland. I got to check out what happens to the house when it rains a whole bunch. Other than some clogged gutters on the patio cover, all was good... A relief certainly. So we get another thunderstorm tonight, I'm about to head to the grocery store, and Matthew calls me into the kitchen to tell me it's raining in there. I thought he was kidding (how often do two different rooms in your house leak in as many days) but there it was. Again, we knew the roof needed some attention but who knew we'd get a monsoon in August in Portland. Matthew got up in the attic, strategically placed some buckets, and hopefully his dad will be down to help us fix the roof next month.

On a happier, note, I do enjoy chickens.
Those are Lindsey's chickens, and I covet them. We'll pretend there are only three of them because that's all you can have in Portland city limits. I will have chickens in the spring, come hell or high water. The eggs are amazing. And the make fertilizer. And they're cute. If I can have dogs and a cat and frogs in the garden and chickens in a coop.... I'd be a happy man.

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